Hello! Shitennoji-Temple!

3月20日の四天王寺。今月は、20日・21日が弘法さんの日。色々な屋台が出ていました。骨董、ガラクタ、食べ物、雑貨・・。曇り空ながら大勢の人で賑わっていました。 そして私のお目当ては、カワイイ骨董なのですが、まあそれが、なかなか難しい。四天王寺も久しぶりということもあって、昔の屋台の配置と違う感じで、ちょっと戸惑ってしまいました。 たくさん歩き回りましたが、結局最初にみつけた小皿と、なます皿を入手して四天王寺を後にしました。 帰りは、天王寺まで人混みをかきわけかきわけ歩きました。 小皿となます皿は、近日中にアップします。是非見て下さいね。 http://imarimaru.stores.jp On March 20th, at the Shitenohji-temple market in Osaka, there were various kinds of stalls lined up: antiques; junks; foods; sundry goods; etc. There were a number of people coming by, even though it was cloudy. My aim of visiting the market was to find cute curios, but it was not that easy. I was a little bit puzzled about the setting of stalls since the arrangement of them were quite different from the time I used to come. I walked around a great deal. As a result of that, I somehow found a couple of things - Kozara, small plates and Namasuzara, small bowl-like plates. I thought I had enough walk and left Shintenohji temple. I headed towards Tenohji rail station to plow through crowds on the street. I will upload these plates pretty soon in the Imarimaru shop, my web shop. Please drop in the Imarimaru site and take a look at them.

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